Evening Sky Aluminum Urn


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Evening Sky Aluminum Urn

The Evening Sky Aluminum Urn shows a peaceful celestial scene to pay tribute to a loved one.

The Evening Sky Aluminum Urn is an artistic funeral urn with a painted image of dark blue sky, stars, and a crescent moon. This beautiful urn may appeal to families who are remembering a loved one who enjoyed stargazing or shared memorable evenings together.

Made of a sturdy, lightweight metal, the Evening Sky Aluminum Urn opens / closes at the top with a threaded closure. The capacity of this urn is 220 cubic inches and is considered adult size.
  • SKU MRJ-140
  • Capacity 220 Cubic Inches
  • Dimensions 10.125″ H x 6.5″ D
  • Engraving Options Urn Pendant
  • Material Aluminum
  • Size Adult Size Urn
  • Weight 3.13 Lbs.
  • Opening Threaded Lid