Laser Engraved Bricks Make Great Fundraisers

Unlike Many Others, Our Bricks Are Free of Paint to Maintain

We use clay bricks that naturally turn dark when laser engraved, unlike the concrete bricks that require paint. The paint added to concrete bricks eventually fades away. Laser engraving burns the engraving in permanently.

NOTE: Bricks are pick up only; we do not ship bricks.


Laser Engraved Bricks are Great for Fundraisers

People love having their names on things, and bricks can be made a permanent addition on display outside and inside. Or you can have quotes or bible verses engraved too! Some graphics and logos can also be engraved with an up-charge.

How it Works, What it Costs

On a standard 4×8 brick, we engrave 3 or 4 lines of text on one side of each brick. You pay $30 for a 3-line or 4-line brick. On an 8×8 brick up to 6 lines for $50. Additional lines, logos,  and art are extra. For fundraisers and donations, many organizations ask for donations of $75-$100-$200-$300-$500 per brick, depending on the goal.

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