Slant Headstone

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  • Includes Single Side Standard Lettering, Artwork and Delivery
  • Includes front side polished (P1), front nosing, and serpentine shape


  • Front Polished Slant – 20 x 10 x 16
  • Front Polished Slant – 24 x 10 x 16
  • Front Polished Slant – 24 x 10 x 18
  • Front Polished Slant – 30 x 10 x 16
  • Front Polished Slant – 36 x 10 x 16
  • Front Polished Slant – 36 x 10 x 18
  • Front Polished Slant – 42 x 10 x 16
  • Front Polished Slant – 48 x 10 x 16

Additional information

Slant Serpentine Top Headstones

P1 Slant 20x10x16, P1 Slant 24x10x16, P1 Slant 24x10x18, P1 Slant 30x10x16, P1 Slant 36x10x16, P1 Slant 36x10x18, P1 Slant 42x10x16, P1 Slant 48x10x16

Granite Color

Academy Black (Quarried in California), American Black (Quarried in Pennsylvania), Aurora Red (Quarried in India), Autumn Brown (Quarried in Minnesota), Autumn Rose (Quarried Import), Bahama Blue (Quarried in India), Barre Gray (Quarried in Vermont), Black Galaxy (Quarried in India), Blue Pearl (Quarried in Norway), Butterfly Blue (aka Fuji Blue) (Quarried in China), Canadian Mahogany (aka Deer Brown) (Quarried in Quebec), Caprice Blue/Gray (Quarried in Georgia), Carnelian (Quarried in South Dakota), Cat's Eye Red (Quarried in India), Catseye Brown (Quarried in India), Charcoal Black (Quarried in South Dakota), China Grey (Quarried in China), China Imperial Red (Quarried in China), China Pink (Quarried in China), Coffee Pearl (aka Coffee Brown) (Quarried in India), Colonial Rose (from Manitoba), Dakota Mahogany (Quarried in South Dakota), Dark Cloud Gray (Quarried in China), Diamond Gray (Quarried in Minnesota), Ebony Mist (Quarried in Virginia), Georgia Gray (aka Georgia Blue) (Quarried in Georgia), Grey Cloud (Quarried in Georgia), Hedquist Pink/Brown (Quarried in Georgia), Impala Black (Quarried Import), Impala Green (Quarried Import), Imperial Rose (Quarried in China), India Mahogany (Quarried in India), India Mist (Quarried in India), India Red (Quarried in India), Jet Black (Quarried in India), Jet Mist (Quarried in Virginia), Keystone Blue/Gray (Quarried in Georgia), Keystone Green (Quarried in Quebec), Lake Superior Green (Quarried in Minnesota), Melrose Black (Quarried in China), Mesabi Black (Quarried in Minnesota), Mesabi Black Select (Quarried in Minnesota), Missouri Red (Quarried in Missouri), Morning Rose (aka North American Pink, Vermillion) (Quarried in Ontario), Ocean Wave (Quarried Import), Paradiso (Quarried in India), Rainbow (Quarried in Minnesota), Red Multicolor (Quarried Import), Rib Mountain Red (Quarried in Wisconsin), Rockville (aka Moonlight Gray) (Quarried in Minnesota), Royal Mahogany (Quarried in South Dakota), Rustic Brown (Quarried in India), Rustic Mahogany (Quarried in South Dakota), Salisbury Pink (Quarried in North Carolina), Silver Cloud (Quarried Import), St. Cloud Gray (Quarried in Minnesota), Sunset Beige (Quarried in Texas), Sunset Red (Quarried in Texas), Tan Brown (Quarried in India), Topaz Blue/Gray (Quarried in Georgia), Tropical Green (Quarried in India), Vintage Black (Quarried Import), Wausau Red (Quarried in Wisconsin)

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