After choosing your granite colors and your size and shape, you can design how your memorial looks! With laser etching or sandblasting, we can use practically any design you can dream up.

Choose Your Granite Polish

Choose how many sides of your memorial are polished smooth or rough rock pitch style.

Typically, flush & bevel stones have the top polished (P1) as a standard, with either sawn or rock pitched sides.

The standard for a slant is the front side polished (P1), with a sawn back and bottom, and rough sides.

The standard for upright monuments is the front and back side polished (P2), and the base with Polished Top (PT).

Additional sides may be polished for additional costs, depending on the granite color.

Choose Your Carve

Choose a two-dimensional Flat Carve or a three-dimensional Shape Carve. Standard pricing is far a flat carve.

Shaped carving is typically done only with floral elements.

Flat Carved Design

Flat carving results in a two dimensional image

Shape Carving

Add a more lifelike, three dimensional look to your memorial we can shape carve any flower/leaf combination.

Choose Your Font Effects

Font and Letter Carving Styles

Choose which letter font you want to use from traditional choices like Times Roman or more modern fonts like Vermarco. Or choose an elegant script, or even Old English.  Then choose what kind of engraving cut for the lettering, such as V-Sunk, U-Sunk, Shallow Sunk, or Polished Raised. And choose if letters are frosted, polished inlaid, raised, or edge, or shadow bar. Different effects may have additional costs.

Choose Your Panels and Artwork

Panels and Artwork

Choose a panel design where the wording and dates will go. This gives a good contrast to the granite to make the pictures more viewable and words more readable. Usually you start with a simple rectangle, and add in words and art, but there are different shapes and sizes you can do.

Choose Your Emblem and Ribbons

Emblems and Ribbons

You can add ribbon effects to your memorial with or without text. Add personal emblems that reflect the person you are memorializing. These can be such things as military emblems, floral emblems, religious symbols, pets, hearts, and even full scenes.

Choose Your Name and Date Format

Name and Date Format

The most common formats are year only (2018); abbreviated month/day/year (Feb. 28, 2018); full month/day/year (February 28, 2018); or number format (2/28/2018). There is no right or wrong, just a personal preference, but less characters take up less room, more characters take up more room. Also, if a person is still living and has a stone installed, any “future dates” are not included in pricing, so keep in mind the more letters needed later, the higher the “future cost” will be.

Please specify under the picture the format type and in this order:

Year Only

Abbreviated Month/Day/Year

Full Month/Day/Year

Number format

Choose Your Phrases and Epitaphs

Verses, Phrases & Epitaphs

An epitaph is a short inscription in prose or verse on a tombstone or monument in memory of the one buried there. Some people use short phrases or Bible verses to put in words an honoring memory of their loved one. Such phrases as “Forever in our Hearts” and “Beloved Mother and Grandmother” are common.

Choose Your Photos and Pictures

Photos and Pictures

You can add your own personal photos and pictures to your memorial. There are different ways to do this from laser etching to attaching porcelain portraits. Honor your loved ones with a representation of what they looked like as well.

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